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From FOMO to a Seat at the Table

I rang in 2016 on a dance floor. The night was epic, but the good vibes were short lived. I entered the year feeling stuck and wondering if being a freelancer in Los Angeles, 3000 miles from the epicenter of the publishing world, was sustainable. For five years... read more

Mo’ Money, Different Problems

I’ve been solidly middle class for the last five months, thanks to the job. It’s been so long since I’ve been here, that honestly, I was expecting it to feel a lot better. After all, I’m making more money than half the country, and after years... read more

Welp, That Escalated Quickly

  It seems like only yesterday that I left the freelancing world for a full-time gig at a publication, and in that brief  time, so much has happened. I wrote my first cover story for my new job, I had an exclusive interview with embattled actor Nate Parker, I was... read more

So, I’m No Longer A Freelance Writer

Six summers ago I’d just celebrated my birthday in NYC, I was closing out my fourth year as a middle school English teacher, and as they say in Philly, I was feeling some type of way. On the outside, my life looked pretty good–I traveled during breaks, I... read more

Age Is a Terrible Timeline

I had an epiphany the other day. I was driving home after covering the last keynote session at this year’s Online News Association conference, and as usual, a thought just wouldn’t leave my brain. Maybe you can relate. You’re driving, or washing... read more

What Does Success Look Like to You?

Yesterday, I posed a question on Facebook I’ve been considering a lot lately: How do you define success? This usually happens whenever people congratulate me on my success, or say they’re proud of my success, or just use the term in relation to me or my... read more

Dear Writers: Don’t Just Tweet, Write

  Something interesting happened this week. I was poking around Twitter on Tuesday when I noticed Giuliana Rancic getting THAT WORK after saying Zendaya Coleman’s faux-locs made her look like she smelled of pachouli or weed. While I thought Rancic’s... read more