Professional storyteller. Amateur traveler. Hopeful mom.


My name is Britni, and I’m a gemini. I just thought you should know that because it sorta explains why I do so many different things. I love documentaries, indie films, web series, and live-tweeting TV shows. I also love traveling, writing stories, interviewing celebrities, and amplifying causes that are close to my heart. Thankfully, being a professional writer means I get to do all these things and more (like, learning how to ride a Harley + swimming with dolphins!) and get paid for it.

I’m always on the prowl for more stories and adventures, so if you want to hire me (or just give me money ‘cuz you think I’m nice) feel free to drop me a note, here.

britni danielle

{now for the stuffy third person bio that makes me sound super legit.}

Britni Danielle is journalist, editor, and novelist who is passionate about telling dope stories. She’s written extensively for both print and digital publications on a myriad of topics, including dating, feminism, race, parenting, and pop culture for EBONYEssence, The GuardianTakePartTeen Vogue, and the Grio.

In 2011, Britni took a leap of faith and left her job as a public school teacher to pursue writing full-time. Since then, she’s amassed thousands of clips and recently served as the Director of Entertainment and Culture for EBONY. On any given day, Britni can be found covering red carpet events, chatting with media moguls like Oprah Winfrey, or conversing with newsmakers about the latest issues.

When Britni isn’t interviewing celebrities or politicians, she’s working on, a digital platform dedicated to empowering boys of color. Bursting with ideas, Britni is also an acclaimed author of several sizzling novels, including the new adult best seller When You’re Ready.

In addition to writing, Britni also leads workshops, teaching others how to tell their own stories. She’s the founder of the online writing seminar The Write Pitch, and has spoken at the Watermark Conference, the largest women’s conference in California, BlogaliciousBlogging While Brown and Social Media Week, Johannesburg.

For interview requests, speaking engagements, partnership opportunities, or other questions contact Britni, here.


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