Break Out of Your Box

Goal Setting ebook

Listen folks, living a mediocre life just isn’t good enough. And you know it.

After years of asking God, “Is this it?!” and wondering if I’d ever live the life I truly desired, I finally broke free.

And now, I’m sharing how you can too.

At just 30 pages, Break Out of Your Box is a clear, concise guide that will help you start on the path to completely transforming your life into what YOU want it to be.

Gone are the days when you merely float through life ruled by the whims and ideas of others. Gone are the days you spend longing, praying, and wanting a better life, but not quite knowing how to get it. Gone are the days of asking yourself, “Is this really all there is?”

If you read with an open mind, Break Out of Your Box will help jumpstart your journey to living your most awesome life.

Check out what JET magazine senior editor Kyra Kyles had to say about BOYB:

“Break Out of Your Box” is a fun, quick yet educational read, that avoids the pratfalls of other so-called “self-help” guides that are overly sentimental and at times, corny. Instead, BOYB is like a literary cheerleader egging you on in your success, using the author’s own personal experiences to prove you too can pursue your passions.  The wry pop culture references makes it even more engaging and easy to relate to.  I recommend reading this infectiously upbeat, yet practical, book to put you (or get you back) on the right track with your personal goals.  — Kyra Kyles, The Kyles Files


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This book covers:

  • How to get clear about your vision
  • How to network with others who will support your dream
  • Why you need to give yourself a concrete deadline
  • How to set measurable goals to achieve your dream
  • How to overcome the need to be perfect
  • Resources to get your started on your journey 

Now, can you help a sista out? 

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Thank you–all of you–for reading, sharing your thoughts with me, and for being brave enough to live your most awesome, awe-inspiring life!

~Britni Danielle

  • Rashida B.

    Thank you Britni for such an inspiring read. I was already on the road, and this book has lit a fire under my tail to stay the course. The part of the book that most resonated with me was building your circle. It can’t be stressed enough how important this, so I’m glad you made it a point to do so. So many dreams die a premature death and never have a chance because we feel so alone in our journey. We need people who will stand by us, encourage and hold us accountable. Excellent tips on handling dream slayers and the Goaldigger “library” is on point!

  • Najat

    I’m so glad you sent that newsletter twice! I will now be receiving all of your updates.

    I really liked the message in “Break Out of Your Box.” It means a lot to me to get this advice from someone who is not a celebrity or PhD or spiritual guru…y’know…someone normal. Like me! It was paced well and it was refreshing because it wasn’t so heavy or fluffy.

    The advice not to edit my thoughts when listing what I wanted out of life was priceless…I had never realized how instinctual it is, even in the privacy of my own head, to shoot my ideas down. That is something I will never forget.

    I would love if there were more insights into the first phases of your transition out of teaching. Also more questions for the reader to write down. I was so surprised this was free—I can’t wait for your next ebook! #fan

  • Unoma

    Precise, clear and straight to the point! The book read like a novel, captivated me from the beginning to the end. Instead of wrapping your reader up in endless metaphors, you carried us on a simplistic journey with practical information. Thanks you for taking the time to write this.. God Bless

  • I read the book honey and I thought it was amazing!!!! Short, to the point and extremely motivational! I will be sharing this with everyone I care about!

  • Shawanda James

    The conversational tone of this book is one of its may strong suits. Readers can feel comfortable while reading it, and more easily receive and absorb the invaluable tips offered. The absolute best thing about your book is the fact this book is for EVERYBODY, and ANYBODY can benefit from your wealth of knowledge and sound advice. I enjoyed it immensely, and am currently incorporating each step in furthering my writing career (including taking the plunge and self publishing my first novel). 🙂

  • This book is very inspiring, a great read. Especially for those who are looking for change but not quite sure which way to go… Thank you Britni for insight and inspiration!