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It seems like only yesterday that I left the freelancing world for a full-time gig at a publication, and in that brief  time, so much has happened. I wrote my first cover story for my new job, I had an exclusive interview with embattled actor Nate Parker, I was on TV (three times in the same day!), I went to ComicCon to cover the Luke Cage event, and most recently, I went on an epic 24-hour trip to the Toronto International Film Festival.

Oh, and I got a promotion.

To say that the last five months have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. It’s like everything I’ve been grinding for in the last five years has come to fruition and then completely exploded into something bigger and more unwieldy.

Some days I feel unprepared for all of my new responsibilities and like I can barely keep up with all that I have to do. But in those moments I have to remind myself that they chose me–and keep choosing me–because they know I can pull it off. And for the most part, I have.

These last five months have been a wonderful learning experience, but I’ve grown in ways that I never expected. I’ve been pushed to be less introverted (at least when I’m out and working), and far more organized. In addition to editing and writing, I’m a project manager–coordinating with celebrity PR teams, writers, and my coworkers to make it happen.

While I sometimes feel super unprepared for the task, this experience has once again validated the strategy I’ve had for the past few years: JUST SAY YES. 

When I first started freelancing, if somebody offered me an assignment I would automatically say yes, even if I didn’t quite know how to do it. Write a “as told to piece”? Sure. Write a celebrity profile? Cool. Pen three cover stories? Aight, no problem.

When I first got into freelancing I said yes to almost every assignment that came my way because I wanted to build up my clips and get my name out there as a reliable writer who could deliver. Over the years, I’ve continued saying yes–to working the red carpet, to interviewing people on camera, to speaking in public, to taking this job.

Even when I don’t feel 100% prepared for the task, I still said yes. Why? I know I can figure it out, and probably pull it off.

Sometimes people see strengths in us that we don’t see in ourselves, so it’s important not to be the one standing in your own way.

A lot of times we struggle with worthiness, imposter syndrome, and our own fears that we just aren’t ready. But if an opportunity presents itself, consider taking a leap and say yes.

You never know where it might lead.

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