Last Friday I headed to Hollywood to celebrate a friend of a friend’s birthday. While I took in the scene as Andrea’s plus one (and because I only knew two other people there), I ended up chatting with this guy sitting next to me.

While I rarely care about what people do for a living, the question, “So…what do you do,” seemed like a good way to break the ice.

“I’m a writer,” he said without hesitation.

Now, I rarely meet other writers just out and about. And when I do happen upon them it’s either at an event, or party hosted by a fellow writer friend.

I was definitely intrigued.

“Oh, what type of writing do you do?” I asked.

“I write novels…books and stuff,” he said casually.

We fell into a conversation about the type of novels he writes (some sort of hip hop fiction that he never quite fully explained), and I asked where I could read his work.


He had no website, no published books, no digital footprint. I was perplexed.

“I’m definitely self-publishing,” he added, admitting he wanted full control of his work.

I understood. While most writers still want to get picked up by a major publishing house, a growing number of us aren’t waiting around to get noticed.

“Have you released any of them?” I asked, still wondering how I could read these novels he seemed so passionate about.

“No, not yet….I don’t know if I want to anymore. They’re old now.”

“But it’s so easy!” I told him, “You can use CreateSpace and publish through Amazon. And what do you mean too old? Novels can take place at any time, they’re never too old.”

As I sat there trying to encourage him, the irony of the situation hit me upside the head. Even as I sipped my whiskey sour, I knew I needed to follow my own advice.

I mean, what did I look like encouraging yet another person to “just put it out already,” when I was holding on to the ebook I wrote last year with a vice grip?

Seriously, what was my hold up?

At first I was waiting until I could get it professionally designed, but because I’ll be releasing the book for free it seemed a little foolish to spend $300+ on professional formatting and design when I could do it myself (I ended up doing this anyway & think you should too).

Then I began researching HOW TO DESIGN AN EBOOK and got lost in the weeds when most resources consisted of folks selling ebooks of their own or links that seemed so old I was sure they were outdated.

Then I shelved it, telling myself I’d pick it up in the New Year.

And, well, funny how fast that came.

While I’ve been staring at it on my desktop for the past few weeks, it wasn’t until I was really trying to encourage dude that releasing his books would be sooooo easy that he’d be a fool not to do it.

Then I realized, I’m that fool!

So, my ebook, Break Out of Your Box, will be here in February is out, grab it here.

I ordered the cover design, I read, re-read, and had it proofed. And it’s time to release it to the world.

As a writer I realize I’d like every single thing about it to be perfect, but I know that it won’t. Still, I’m excited and nervous and hopeful you’ll enjoy it.

If you like the things I write about here—pursuing your goals and encouraging big dreams—then you’ll dig it.

And if you’re struggling, like I was, to change the course of your life, then this little ebook is definitely for you.

If you want to read Break Out of Your Box then you have two options:

Those are my people and they get first dibs.

And if you’re like me and holding onto a project you’ve worked on some time ago and waiting until the perfect moment to release it, that time is now. Trust me.

Why keep waiting?


Are you holding onto a book, blog post, or project you’re scared to release? What’s the hold up? What’s stopping you from putting it out NOW? Please, leave me a note so I can encourage you not to be a fool as well! 

*Image via BYU

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