Last week I had the opportunity to interview superstar comedian Kevin Hart about his new BET comedy show, the Real House Husbands of Hollywood. While we chatted about the show, his stellar year (hit film, sold out stand-up tour, owning his own production company), I decided to sneak in a question for my #GOALdiggers about what keeps him motivated.

Just like many of us who are pursing our goals, Kevin deals with his fair share of detractors. How does he manage to tune out the noise and keep pushing?

Here’s his advice:

I think when some people win it’s very hard for them to lose. I’ll use Kobe Bryant as an example. Kobe Bryant is a winner.

Kobe Bryant loves to win. There is no in between. When he loses, there’s not a reason for it. There’s not an excuse. There a “I lost, and I need to figure out how to win again.

My will to win in amazing.

I’ve got a taste of success, and now I want more. But it’s not just about success, it’s about the brand. It’s about becoming a businessman. It’s about becoming an entity.  It’s about becoming a mogul. It’s really about setting things up so when you’re not here, the ones that love you most are taken care of.

I am a product of Nancy Hart, my mother. She was a worker and the word “can’t” or “won’t” never existed.

If you want it, go get it. And I want it. (Click to tweet this out)

I don’t like to see people living these amazing lives and achieving these things knowing that I can do the same.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


What do you want and what are you going to do to get it?

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