Mike Brown gets fired

This is not a sports blog, but I pride myself on being able to learn from nearly every part of life. Besides, I’m a native Angeleno who has loved the Lakers since I was in my mama’s womb, and this has been a difficult time for the team. So when I learned that the Lakers fired their head coach just 5 games into the season, I wondered what lessons I could learn from all of this.

While the Laker haters are somewhere cracking jokes, here are 3 quick things we can learn from Mike Brown’s premature exit.

Take Risks Anyway

At just 42, Mike Brown looked like he should be on the court instead of the sidelines. But after just one other head-coaching gig (with the Cleveland Cavilers), Brown stepped up to the big time to head one of the most storied franchises in history. The pressure of coaching the Lakers in a town that DEMANDS more championship rings has to be intense. But Brown took the risk anyway. Although he was canned a month into his second season, Brown is one of the few coaches in sports history to coach such an esteemed team. Sure, it didn’t work out, but he doesn’t have to worry about what could have been if he would have just tried.

Stars Power Doesn’t Always Ensure Success

In business and life we sometimes partner with others because of who they are, only to see the union fail. This year, the Lakers added NBA superstars Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to their roster in the hopes that they would mesh well with Kobe and lead them back to the Promised Land. Unfortunately, things aren’t going according to plan and the Lakers are losing, despite their stacked lineup. Let this be a lesson. Just because someone has a big name (or a great resume), doesn’t mean they will be a good fit to partner with you.

When You’re the Leader, It’s All Your Fault

While Mike Brown isn’t on the court playing in the games, he’s the one getting fired for the Laker’s dismal start. Why? He’s the leader. As the coach, it was his job to orchestrate the plays, prepare his team, and wrangle everybody’s skills and personalities in line. Although Brown couldn’t get out on the court to shoot jumpers to win the game, the team followed his vision, his directions, and his lead…so he’s out. This should serve as a serious lesson. No matter how talented your crew is, if you don’t lead them effectively and utilize their talents in such a way that engenders success, you’ve failed. And you should hold yourself accountable.

Getting fired is tough, I know, I’ve been there. But in every adverse situation there is a lesson that can be learned.  And hopefully Mike Brown can use this setback as a stepping-stone to something greater.


Has getting fired ever taught you a lesson? Please leave a comment and share your experience. 

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