Iyanla Fix My Life

A man who isn’t accountable to anyone is a danger to himself.

Last night I attended a screening and Q&A of Iyanla Vanzant’s show, Iyanla Fix My Life. While the episode was powerful, her words after the screening were even more potent. Tackling a range of topics, Iyanla touched on her highly rated episodes with Basketball Wives star and resident bully Evelyn Lozada.

When someone asked if she still kept in contact with Lozada, Iyanla told the crowd that she is Evelyn’s accountability partner and they speak almost every other day. Iyanla then went on to share that she herself has several accountability partners that keeps her on the straight and narrow.

The idea of having someone to check in with immediately began to resonate with me. While I’ve been able to craft this life and pursue my dream of writing, other things in my life–namely my fitness journey–have continued to fall by the wayside.

Why? My motivation wasn’t enough to carry me through and when I began to fall off from whatever goal I set for myself, I had no one checking in with me to call me on my lackluster efforts.

When September began, I decided give myself permission to start over—yet again—and try to live a healthier life. I recommitted to working out and ditching sodas, and so far I’ve kept up with it. Despite my efforts and sharing tidbits about my goal on Twitter and Instagram, I can feel myself slipping, and it’s time to take it to the next level and find (or name) some accountability partners.

Although many folks come from the Republican school of, “I Built That,” and feel like they can reach their goals on their own, the truth is, you need help.

We need support, a shoulder, a friendly peer, an advisor—someone who looks out for us, has our back, and will tell us the truth, no matter what.

Having sometime to turn to who not only encourages you, but will also hold you to your goals when the going gets extremely tough is so necessary if you are to truly turn your dreams into reality.

Do you have an accountability partner? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts on how you stay accountable.


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