This is a special Monday post in honor of NO SHAME DAY, a movement started by friend and poet/mental health advocate Bassey Ikpi.

A year ago, after the 15-year-old daughter of her friend committed suicide, Bassey started the Siwe Project, a non-profit organization that aims to increase awareness about the importance of seeking mental health services. This year, the Siwe Project, is kicking off its inaugural No Shame Day by asking folks to share their experiences dealing with mental health issues, and I decided to support the cause and share an aspect of my story I rarely talk about.

While some will surely judge my decisions, living without fear of shame and judgement is not only one of the most freeing ways to live, but it’s also necessary if we are to reach our goals.

Being weighed down by the fear of being gawked at, talked about, or criticized never helped anybody be great, so don’t let other people’s limited views of you stop you from realizing your dreams.

Additionally, sharing our stories can also serve as a huge inspiration to others. You never know who you’ll touch by simply being vulnerable and sharing your life story.

Sharing my story is the motivation behind this site, the #GOALDiggers movement, and my ebook, Break Out of Your Box. Sharing my story is the single most important thing that has helped me live this wonderful life I’m living today.

Can baring your scars, flaws, and not-so-tidy parts be scary? Hell yes. But it can also liberate us from those things that continue to weigh us down.

Shed your baggage, inspire others, and tell you story.

What’s your story? Share it in the comments section. 


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